Local Economic Development

Local economic development is divided into four strategic directions: social economy, cultural management, and maximizing local assets (food, toursim and crafts) for economic development.

At ARDR, we include the creation and operation of social enterprise NGOs, non-governmental, nonprofit organizations, which provide many local jobs and bring money into an area, but are not created to make money for the individuals who run them. Instead, success is measured by an increased quality of life for the entire community, and jobs are created for the employees, along with the opportunity to get training and professional experience. We at ARDR believe the creation and success of social enterprises is equally important as the creation and success of profit businesses, for the community and for the individuals involved. They are especially important now, when there is a great deal of new money pouring into Romania for upgrading services to meet the standards of the European Union. Much of that money will be administered by NGOs throughout the country, and some of it will also go to private contractors to fulfill the requirements of the funding.

Promoting a dynamic business environment in rural areas is the goal of the Local Economic Development area. ARDR works in partnership with the private sector and the local public administration providing assistance and consultation on all capacity building issues, including business planning, leadership and management, monitoring and evaluation and the exchange of good practices in business and governance. ARDR encourages cooperation between the private and public sector to improve economic performance, increase the quality of community development projects, while encouraging communication and transparency.

Projects developed in this expertise
August 10th, 2013 - August 20th, 2013

Why International Art and Creativity Summer School "Constantin Brancusi" in Pestisani, Hobita

International Art and Creativity Summer School "Constantin Brancusi" is part of a concept that aims at organizing sculpture camps in Hobita, where the sculptor was born, and in two other locations: Italy and Serbia. Through this...


ARDR in parteneriat cu Grupul de Actiune Locala ALPIN, Travel to Farm Danemarca cu asistenta tehnica din partea Institutul pentru Politici de Dezvoltare lanseaza programul de formare profesionala continua, “Travel to farm”.


Este acela de a oferi oportunitati de perfectionare intr-o ferma daneza, de a capata experienta de lucru si de a stimula invatarea interculturala.


Trebuie sa aiba intre 18 si 30 ...


Beyond ad-hoc approaches to local culture, there has to be a continuum in designing local cultural public policies in such a way that it meets two objectives:

  1. preserving the local culture and identity
  2. maximizing local cultural assets as a means to build the local economy and foster social inclusion

The projection and financing of the local cultural public policies yields the need for coalition to cross-cut groups of interest and sector...

Lack of coherence in economic investment, miscorrelation with the local actual needs and opportunities, ignorance of structural problems emerging and evolving beyond administrative borders, may lead to financial blockage in the whole community, lack of jobs, social exclusion, environment degradation.

Hence, ARDR in conjunction with Gorj Psychologists` Association, 12 local governments (Pestisani, Lelesti, Calnic, Telesti, Stanesti, Turcinesti, Runcu, Bumbesti Jiu, Schela, M...

Cristina Pasatoiu
cristina.pasatoiu /at/ ardr.ro

Regional Association for Rural Development has assigned two representants to participate at the first edition of the social entrepreneurship’s School from Prometeus programme, f...