Mission & strategic directions

ARDR assists communities by facilitating local strategic planning and implementation based on needs analysis and targeted expertise, always emphasizing citizen participation that continues throughout the entire development cycle: planning, development, management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

ARDR aims at rural development based on self-sustaining, long-term economic and community development through innovative and comprehensive strategic plans developed and implemented at grassroots level highly stressing on the continued local involvement and decision making which is supported by partnerships among private, public and nonprofit entities.

ARDR looks at regenerating rural life by following on three strategic directions:


a. Economic and social development

Objective 1: to increase the capacity of local agents for external funds absorption
Objective 2: to capitalize on local resources (agriculture, tourism, crafts, etc.)
Objective 3: to promote and boost entrepreneurship in local communities
Objective 4: to build on the human capital in the rural communities 

b. Good governance

Objective 1: to strengthen the efficiency and usefulness of partnerships, particularly the more effective inclusion of horizontal partners
Objective 2: to encourage and assist with building up local action/development groups
Objective 3: to advocate for NGOs as viable local actors for structural change in terms of efficient development and participatory democracy

c. International relations

Objective 1: to promote international partnerships as an added value to local development
Objective 2: to develop skills and competences of public servants and community leaders for international cooperation
Objective 3: to enhance the exchange of good practices amongst local communities across Europe

Fundamental Principles

The fundamental idea of the Regional Association for Rural Development is that sustainable development should always be ascribed a bottom up approach, so that decisions are taken as close as possible to those affected who share value systems and common interests. It promotes a progressive approach to development founded on equality and cultural diversity, using facilitated discussion to reach consensus on major issues and projects.

The Regional Association for Rural Development promotes a transparent, socially accountable partnership that provides objective, accurate and timely information about its activities.

The Regional Association for Rural Development remains politically neutral, and provides an unbiased approach towards local and national issues while working in depth with elected officials and state institutions.

The Regional Association for Rural Development bridges the gap between informal and formal education combining knowledge, experience, and skills acquired in lifetime learning with academic training and accreditation, for personal fulfillment, social inclusion, employability and active citizenship.

Regional Association for Rural Development supports the Revised European Charter that states "participation in democratic life of any community is about more than voting or standing for election, although these are important elements. Participation and active citizenship is about having the right, the means, the space and the opportunity and where necessary the support to participate in and influence decisions and engage in actions and activities so as to contribute to building a better society".

Regional Association for Rural Development does not promote any particular organizational model, but we works to develop communityconsensus, common agenda, and support networks within and between partner communities. 


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