The Regional Association for Rural Development - ARDR - announces the beginning of Act Now project.
The implementation period is between 1st of November 2010 - 30th of October 2011. The partners involved are: Chibuzor Human Resources Development Organization ( CHIDO ) from Sierra Leone; Association Jeunesse Verte du Cameroun from Cameroon; Jovenes de Buena Voluntad from Peru; Organizacion Argentina de Jovenes para las Naciones Unidas ( OAJNU ) from Argentina; Norfolk Childrens' Services from UK and NBV from Sweden.
The Act Now project is continuing the work in building and strengthening the transcontinental network on EVS, which basis were put through the previous pilot project implemented by ARDR, the Youth Empowerment Programme.
The current project aims at strengthening the Youth Empowerment Network-YEN by means of the development of thematic clusters of excellence in EVS, sharing best practice in youth work and needs analysis in terms of capacity to handle and manage EVS projects. The Act Now project represents a new chapter for YEN for the fact that is looking at strengthening the network both by network expansion but also by working on the quality of EVS projects to be implemented (by actively involving the partners in developing together instruments to ensure quality and sustainability in EVS projects ).
The project proposes the following significant actions in the process of strengthening and expanding the transcontinental network: elaborating the KIT on risk analysis and needs assessment in EVS; 7 regional Conferences on EVS in Latin America, Africa and EU; 24 job shadowings in Latin America, Africa and EU; 7 Country Reports on Opportunities in EVS; organizing one International Conference in Brussels, Belgium.

This project has been funded with the support of the European Commission through the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture, within Youth in Action Programme.
This publication - communication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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