Lack of coherence in economic investment, miscorrelation with the local actual needs and opportunities, ignorance of structural problems emerging and evolving beyond administrative borders, may lead to financial blockage in the whole community, lack of jobs, social exclusion, environment degradation.

Hence, ARDR in conjunction with Gorj Psychologists` Association, 12 local governments (Pestisani, Lelesti, Calnic, Telesti, Stanesti, Turcinesti, Runcu, Bumbesti Jiu, Schela, Musetesti, Balesti, Arcani) and 30 local small and medium enterprises and NGOs from Gorj county set up the Local Action Group ALPIN in April 2012, designed as public-private partnership.
The objectives of ALPIN are to:

  1. attract financial assistance to implement local development strategies in the 12 local communities by awarding grants to local projects
foster international collaboration in between the members of ALPIN and counterparts from the EU Members States.
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