Beyond ad-hoc approaches to local culture, there has to be a continuum in designing local cultural public policies in such a way that it meets two objectives:

  1. preserving the local culture and identity
  2. maximizing local cultural assets as a means to build the local economy and foster social inclusion

The projection and financing of the local cultural public policies yields the need for coalition to cross-cut groups of interest and sectoral approaches.
Hence, the ARDR in conjunction with Mihai Eminescu Academy (Romania), Fundatia "The Labyrinth of the Museums" (Italy) and the Municipality of Pestisani (Romania) set up the International Center for Arts and Creation "Constantin Brancusi" in April 2012 as a public-private partnership project to finance local art and culture with a special focus on the world wide seminal art of Constantin Brancusi.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. building the International Center for Arts and Creation "Constantin Brancusi" - physical infrastructure to host workshops for artists to perform their art and cater food and accommodation for a group of 20 people (implementation period 2012-2013)
  2. set up the "Constantin Brancusi" Fund for Art Development in Gorj County (implementation period 2012-2013)
organize the International School of Art Constantin Brancusi (1st edition to take place in July 2013 )
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