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Yes for EVS Y(outh) E(uropean) S(cool)

May 1 2008-November 30 2008

Project overview: Yes for EVS Y(outh) E(uropean) S(cool) looks at stimulating the intercultaual learning and encouraging the European spirit; providing context for personal development by encouraging the active participation of youth in the community; the development of local, regional and international relations of partnership; training young volunte...


Quality in EVS

Project overview: This project is a training course that brings together 10 Partners - 5 EU and 5 of Caucasus in order to transfer knowledge and experiences the successful development of the European Volunteer projects.
Partnership:SA IA;BBZ Hochwald;NBV MittSverige/Euromeet;Norfolk Children's Services; Central Galilee College; The International Committee of Civil Diplomacy; DCO Allianc...


Participatory Planning and Youth development

Project overview: Participatory Planning and Youth development" - international training session brought together 30 representatives of NGOs from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Belgium, Moldova, Turkey and Romania and primarily aimed at enhancing capacity to partner management organizations in development projects targeting young people and promote European citizenship and active participation.   &nb...

L.E.A.D- L(earning) E(uropean) A(ctive) D(emocracy)

May 17 2008-November 17 2009
Project overview: The project named: " L.E.A.D L(earning) E(uropean) A(ctive) D(emocracy) included 10 nongovernamental orhanizations and 10 young volunteers from Caucaz and European Union(E.U.). The project took part in Dolj county , among six months, period wich included training phase, volunteering activity unfolding and the project evaluation and reporting. Reg...


August 15 2009- February 15 2010-11-2010
Project overview: The project represent a European Volunteering Project having as a purpose the raising of local authorities' responsability and encouraging the participation of the young in the community life.
"RuraLearn" has a dimmension and a considerable complexity, involving 14 nongovernamental organizations and 18 young volunteers from Caucaz a...
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The Regional Association for Rural Development - ARDR - announces the beginning of Act Now project.
The implementation period is bet...

From March to May this year (2012), part of the Implementation of Participation Standards Activity, 20 schools in the 5 counties of the Olteni...

Regional Association for Rural Development has assigned two representants to participate at the first edition of the social entrepreneurship&rs...