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FOR.W.A.R.D. - FOR W(holesome) A(ctive) R(ural) D(evelopment)

February 1st, 2011 - October 31st, 2012

Project overview:FOR W(holesome) A(ctive) R(ural) D(evelopment) gathers 10 volunteers from 7 different countries for a period of 9 months, to spend a rather challenging self discovery and personal building experience. The project aims both towards social and personal grow of volunteers and beneficiary target group along with organizational and c...

Experiencing Active Citizenship in Rural Areas

March 10th, 2010 December 9th, 2010

Project overview: The project looks at stimulating the intercultural learning process and enhance the European Awareness and Active Participation within the hosting community, providing the context and the opportunities for all volunteers to develop both personally as well as socially by acquiring and improving new skills and competences as w...

Act your Culture

August 13-24 2009

Project overview: The project looks at promoting the multicultural diversity and the communication and colaboration between the youngsters from Europe. This project was a multicultural exchange wich had brought toghether 50 young professional and amateurs artists from 6 countries.
The project activities included meetings/appointments with local citizens and au...

TC on Multi-measures Financial Agreements

Project overview: "TC on Multi-measures Financial Agreements" - Was a training project that brought together 25 project managers, members in non-governmental organizations in the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Sweden and Romania the purpose of developing capacity in partner organizations to develop multi-measure projects.

A.C.T.Y.V.E. - A(ctive) C(itizenship), T(olerance) and Y(outh) V(olunteership) in E(urope)

Project overview: A.C.T.Y.V.E is a project that brings together 16 young volunteers from UE and Cauzasus which purpose is community development. The 16 young people will be hosted in 8 communities in Gorj county for a period of 6 months, time that will cooperate with local actors in order to increase accountability of local authorities and encouraging youth participation in community life. The project provides opportunities for social and personal gr...
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The Regional Association for Rural Development - ARDR - announces the beginning of Act Now project.
The implementation period is bet...

From March to May this year (2012), part of the Implementation of Participation Standards Activity, 20 schools in the 5 counties of the Olteni...

Regional Association for Rural Development has assigned two representants to participate at the first edition of the social entrepreneurship&rs...