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FOR.W.A.R.D. - FOR W(holesome) A(ctive) R(ural) D(evelopment)

February 1st, 2011 - October 31st, 2012

Project overview:FOR W(holesome) A(ctive) R(ural) D(evelopment) gathers 10 volunteers from 7 different countries for a period of 9 months, to spend a rather challenging self discovery and personal building experience. The project aims both towards social and personal grow of volunteers and beneficiary target group along with organizational and c...
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The Regional Association for Rural Development - ARDR - announces the beginning of Act Now project.
The implementation period is bet...

From March to May this year (2012), part of the Implementation of Participation Standards Activity, 20 schools in the 5 counties of the Olteni...

Regional Association for Rural Development has assigned two representants to participate at the first edition of the social entrepreneurship&rs...