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Learning By Living Together

March 3 2008-June 30 2008

Project overview: Learning By Living Together aims to the research of cultural integration of young foreign volunteers in the Romanian culture, and the making/realisation of a documentary in which are captured the main issues regarding the Romanian culture seen from the European volunteers' perspective.This programme also includes establishing partnerships wi...

County Youth Network Multipliers


Project overview: County Youth Network Multipliers- Gorj County pilot programme follows the promotion of youth participation in the process of local government. The target group is pupils of 11th and 12th grade of 35 education units from 35 localities from the county. Among the specific objectives are also included the recruitment and training of 35 young people to become inf...


YEP-Youth Empowerment Programme

December 2007- October 2008

Project overview: YEP-Youth Empowerment Programme looks at the establishment of the County Council of Youth Leaders, the mobilization of local communities through local action groups youth, developing local action plans for youth, improving living conditions for young people in Gorj by implementing concrete actions and effective in terms of cost, the const...



DECEMBER 1 2008-AUGUST 30 2010

Project overview: YEP project looks at increasing the capacity of youth structures in managing the European Volunteering Service's programmes; encourageing collaborations on long term betwen E.U. Organizations, Latin America and Africa in European Volunteering Service space; the European Volunteering Service promotion in Latin America, Africa and E.U.; e...

A.C.T.Y.V.E. - A(ctive) C(itizenship), T(olerance) and Y(outh) V(olunteership) in E(urope)

Project overview: A.C.T.Y.V.E is a project that brings together 16 young volunteers from UE and Cauzasus which purpose is community development. The 16 young people will be hosted in 8 communities in Gorj county for a period of 6 months, time that will cooperate with local actors in order to increase accountability of local authorities and encouraging youth participation in community life. The project provides opportunities for social and personal gr...
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The Regional Association for Rural Development - ARDR - announces the beginning of Act Now project.
The implementation period is bet...

From March to May this year (2012), part of the Implementation of Participation Standards Activity, 20 schools in the 5 counties of the Olteni...

Regional Association for Rural Development has assigned two representants to participate at the first edition of the social entrepreneurship&rs...