November 2010-November 2012

Project overview:
Participation Standards for Active Citizenship looks at increasing capacity and practice for the full and meaningful participation of children and young people in decision-making in the schools in the South West Region of Romania, Oltenia by developing and piloting a set of standards matrix that would allow the assessment of school governance and the introduction of activities fostering active citizenship in the school curricula and practice. The project also aims at training school based active citizenship task forces that are to take over project results and watch over the application of the standards matrix.
Project partnership:
  1. Regional Association for Rural Development (main applicant)
  2. University of Craiova, Faculty of Social Sciences, Craiova Romania
  3. Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports, Bucharest, Romania
  4. National Youth Agency, Leicester, United Kingdom
  5. Norfolk County Council,Norfolk, United Kingdom
Donor: Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports through the Operational Programme Human Resources Development, European Social Fund
Please refer to the project webpage for further information.
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