Regional Association for Rural Development has assigned two representants to participate at the first edition of the social entrepreneurship’s School from Prometeus programme, for the social enterprises’ development. Through this programme the Institute of Social Economy comes to support the needs of organisations’ development, which would like to start and expand social enterprises or economical activities with social aim.

The Project Prometeus – Social Economy promotion in Romania through research, education and proffesional training on european standards, aims to expand and promote the social economy as a flexible and permanent instrument having the intention to generate work places, economic development and social inclusion in Romania.

The Prometeus Project is financed within POSDRU and has as main goals the scientific development in the social economy field, the performances’ increase of the social enterprises, through research, training and specific information and also the promotion of favourable public politics.

The programme has more successive sequences, each of them being followed by a new selection sequence : 

Phase 1 Training programme- „Social Enterprises Management”- srtuctured on three modules; 

module I – types and legal forms of the social enterpises,

module II- specific aspects of social enterprise management, structures, governance, social responsibility, feasibility and business planning

module III- national and European public policy.

The training program aims to develop skills of 120 managers in social economy organizations necessary for the initiation, development and management of social enterprises during the period 28.03-07.05.2012

Phase II - will run from 1.09. 2012 - 28.02. 2013 and this phase will consist in a program such legal advice, financial, marketing, sales and business management offer organizations and managers of social enterprises to develop or implement a business plan. For this stage will be selected 30 social enterprises based on the quality of projects developed during the training program, the participants designated by the involvement and participation in the training, the quality, maturity developed business plan and feasibility of the idea business.

Phase III is from 01.09.2012 to 31.10.2012, consisting of a rapid transfer of expertise through study visits to Trento a region in the north of Italy. This study visit will be attended only by 20 training program participants, selected on the basis of their personal involvement over the quality of completed projects and the motivation and organization for the development of social economy enterprise.

The last stage of the support program is part of the cash prizes will be awarded for six social enterprises will be selected from consulting beneficiaries to implement the idea of social business. - Period 1.01.2013-31.06.2013

Regional Association for Rural Development participation in this training program for managers in the social economy is motivated by concern for entrepreneurship and its role as an agent of change in rural communities by promoting public-private partnership in running programs to build human, physical, cultural for more efficient absorption of funds for sustainable development of these communities.

ARDR is one of the members of non-profit association "International Center for Arts and Creation Constantin Brancusi" association that aims to promote the art of Constantin Brancusi by informing, training, mobilization and involvement of the local area, regionally, nationally and internationally to cultural heritage.

"International Centre for Arts and Creation Constantin Brancusi" located in the village where Constantin Brâncuși was born, will develop Peştişani economic society through cultural tourism activities for the conservation and enhancement potential of Brâncuși`s works, and entrepreneurship training for rural community members to enablement this community, self-management of resources and long-term development.

To ensure effective management of the social enterprises ARDR designated two participants, in the person of Mrs. Camelia Piscanu and Miss Bianca Găinaru courses initiated by the Institute of Social Economy, which enhance the skills and abilities learned from this course training future development associations and the company, to fulfill the social mission of the organization.

The two participating in the School of Entrepreneurship in the social economy are actively involved in their training as social enterprise managers are also concerned to develop a feasible business plan to ensure the revenue required for the cultural association "International Center for Arts and Creation Constantin Brâncuși ". We want this center to promote the works of Constantin Brâncuși in local, regional, national and international levels, but we also want to develop entrepreneurship in rural areas Peştişani for more efficient absorption of members of the labor market, thereby supporting efforts sustainable development.

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