All of the volunteers in Dolj and Gorj countries got together in Craiova to celebrate the International Day of Europe. The event reunited over 80 volunteers in total and took place in the centre of Craiova where the volunteers set up stands and made it become, for one day, ``Europe Street``. On the Europe Street the activities were :
- Music ( Dj, Live music, Volunteers perform music from their countries, Street musicians);
-Street performance (Dance Battle, Graffiti on a big wall made of wood, Circus, Performance with fire, Joggling, Acrobatic, Street art);
- Flashmob & Reality theatre ( theatre performed without the viewers knowing that they are watching a theatre scene and not a real life scene);
- Workshop (Big map with pictures – puzzel, Europe Twister, Body paint, Making flags, Dance workshops – Salsa, Africans dance, Tango….);
- Information about EUROPE (Information tents about different countries, Information about EVS, Information about Erasmus, Information about Xstudents, Couch surfing);
-Anti rasism campaign.
To view the pictures from the activity click here.
Voice picturing