The Regional Association for Rural Development (ARDR) is to organize
the International Conference Act Now within the European Parliament, in Brussels
between   11th -14th of January, 2012.


 The conference is designed as a forum that brings together representatives of youth civil society within the frame of a transcontinental cooperation, European donors and decision makers, and stakeholders that have an impact on youth education policies, youth affairs and transcontinental cooperation, to advocate for the need for substantial involvement from EU donors, organizations in prompting youth civil society development in Africa and Latin America
the Conference will emphasize the role of volunteering in general and  that of the International Voluntary Service in particular, as a tool for promoting active citizenship, local democracy, community youth development for enhancing international cooperation and dialogue and social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.


  • to bring to the fora the need for substantial involvement from EU donors, organizations in prompting youth civil society development in Africa and Latin America
  • launch the EVS Country Guide Reports and the KIT for ,,Community needs analysis and risk assessment’’ – tools designed for youth NGO’s and youngsters to help them ensure and increase quality in project management in general and EVS projects management in particular, quality in participation and involvement as youth worker or volunteer
  • to constitute officially the Youth Empowerment Network – YEN institutional design
  • to launch a membership call for the enlargement of the Youth Empowerment Network 



YEN institutional design- for the first time, elections are to be organized to give voice and windows of opportunities for our colleagues from Africa and Latin America, when we are to elect the chairman/chairwoman and the governing bodies of the Youth Empowerment Network.
Appointments to various institutions, including European Parliament, DG External Relations, DG Education, Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture, Foreign Embassies, and other donors in order to advocate for assistance in empowering youth civil society in the Africa and Latin America. That is open only to YEN (Youth Empowerment Network) members from Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Peru, Argentina, Sweden, UK and Romania.
Outreach event hosted at the European Parliament in Brussles where the results of Act Now project are to be introduced and other topics in the realm of empowerment of youth civil society in Africa and Latin America to be explored.  That is open to YEN members and other organizations from various countries.

The International Conference Act Now is part of the ,,Active Citizenship through New Opportunities Worldwide – Act Now” project, implemented by the Regional Association for Rural Development with the common effort of six partner organizations from Peru, Argentina, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Sweden and UK, from November 1st , 2010 to January 31st , 2012.

Please download the agenda using this link

The efforts to organize the Conference have been supported by the Youth in Action Programme, Action 3.2 Youth in the World: Cooperation with countries other than the neighboring countries of the European Union, Call for Proposals EACEA/11/10.
We are also looking for donors and stakeholders interested in contributing to the Conference either as donors or partners!

Please contact us at raluca.barbuleanu@ardr.ro  to learn about terms and formats.





Kit in community Youth Development through EVS

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